January 23, 2024

Empowering Advertisers with AI

A Google Ads Update

In our continuous pursuit of enhancing the advertising experience, Google Ads is thrilled to share the latest advancements in our AI-powered ad solutions. Last year marked the introduction of a groundbreaking era in advertising, where Generative AI became the driving force behind streamlining campaign creation and elevating the effectiveness of ads. As the consumer search experience evolves, so does our commitment to providing advertisers with the tools to connect with potential customers seamlessly along their search journeys.

A major stride in this direction is the expansion of Gemini, our largest and most capable AI model, to more core products, including Google Ads. We’re excited to announce that Gemini is now powering the conversational experience, a pivotal step in revolutionizing how advertisers build better Search campaigns.

Beta access to the conversational experience in Google Ads is now fully available to English language advertisers in the U.S. and U.K., with a global rollout to all English language advertisers on the horizon. In the coming months, we will extend access to additional languages, eagerly anticipating valuable feedback from our diverse user base.

The conversational experience workflow is ingeniously designed to empower advertisers through a chat-based interaction, leveraging the collective expertise of advertisers and Google AI. All it takes to get started is your website URL, and Google AI will collaboratively assist in creating optimized Search campaigns, generating relevant ad content, including creatives and keywords.

Through rigorous testing with a select group of advertisers, we’ve observed that the conversational experience significantly aids in building higher quality Search campaigns with less effort. Ad Strength, a metric gauging ad copy relevance, quality, and diversity, consistently showed improved scores – a testament to the effectiveness of this innovative approach.


Acknowledging the visual shift in search dynamics, we understand the challenges advertisers face in creating compelling images. Therefore, the conversational experience is designed to suggest images tailored to your campaign using generative AI and images from your landing page. Advertisers maintain control by approving assets, including images, before the campaign goes live.

It’s worth noting that all images created with generative AI in Google Ads, including the conversational experience, will be clearly identified. We’re implementing SynthID to invisibly watermark these images and including open standard metadata to transparently indicate that the image was generated by AI.

Data analysis reveals that small business advertisers utilizing the conversational experience in Google Ads are 42% more likely to publish Search campaigns with “Good” or “Excellent” Ad Strength. This is a noteworthy correlation, as we’ve found that advertisers who elevate Ad Strength from “Poor” to “Excellent” witness a remarkable 12% increase in conversions on average for their responsive search ads.

As we embrace the possibilities that AI continues to unlock, Google remains committed to a bold and responsible approach. Upholding the AI principles established in 2018, we believe in harnessing the potential of AI to make our products increasingly valuable for consumers and advertisers alike.

Stay tuned for more AI-powered updates to Google Ads in the coming year. If you’re eager to explore the capabilities of AI today, delve into our AI Essentials. Google Ads is dedicated to pioneering innovation responsibly, ensuring a future where AI serves as a powerful ally for advertisers across the globe.