June 14, 2024

Harnessing Tomorrow’s Innovations in Search Ads Current Trends and Future Strategies

Search Ads

 The Evolution of Search Ads

The way we search for information has been evolving for decades, influencing the role and effectiveness of search ads. From the early days of simple text queries to the introduction of mobile searches, the landscape has continuously transformed. When mobile search first emerged, concepts like “near me” searches were entirely novel, reshaping how businesses could connect with nearby customers through targeted ads.

 The Role of Generative AI in Search

Generative AI represents the latest shift in the search ecosystem, promising to make Search experiences more natural and intuitive. This technology allows users to ask entirely new types of questions and receive more sophisticated answers. By combining the unique capabilities of generative AI with Google’s deep understanding of information, we can unlock questions that were previously unimaginable. To explore these possibilities, Google has introduced an experiment in Search Labs called the Search Generative Experience (SGE), set to be available in the U.S. in the coming weeks. This experiment is a step towards transforming how information is organized and accessed through Search.

 The Importance of Search Ads

Despite these technological advancements, search ads will continue to play a crucial role in connecting users with useful information and helping businesses be discovered online. As Search evolves, search ads remain additional sources of valuable information, aiding in the discovery of millions of businesses. With SGE, search ads will still appear in dedicated ad slots throughout the search results page. This ensures that advertisers continue to have opportunities to reach potential customers along their search journeys. As we learn more, we will test and evolve the ads experience to better serve both advertisers and users.

 Transparency in Advertising

Transparency is a core principle at Google, and this extends to how we handle search ads. We are committed to making ads distinguishable from organic search results. When search ads appear, they will feature clear and transparent labels, such as the “Sponsored” label in bold black text. This ensures that users can easily identify ads and differentiate them from other search results. Our industry-leading practices in ad labeling are designed to maintain user trust and clarity.

 AI-Powered Advertising Innovations

For over a decade, Google has used AI to enhance its advertising products, benefitting both advertisers and users. One notable example is Performance Max, a fully AI-powered campaign that leverages Google AI to help advertisers find untapped and incremental conversion opportunities. Advertisers using Performance Max achieve, on average, over 18% more conversions at a similar cost per action. This demonstrates the potential of AI to optimize advertising efforts and improve outcomes for businesses.

 The Future of Search and Advertising

The integration of generative AI into Search and advertising is just the beginning. We are excited about how this technology will continue to shape the advertiser and user experience, creating and surfacing the most relevant ads to meet people’s needs at any given moment. Additionally, SGE, like other Search experiences, is designed to highlight and drive attention to content on the web, making it easy for users to dive deeper into the topics they are exploring. As we navigate the future, we remain committed to taking a thoughtful and responsible approach to the evolution of search ads, learning from user feedback, and partnering with the broader ecosystem.


The future of search ads is bright and full of potential. As generative AI transforms Search, search ads will continue to play an essential role in connecting users with the information they need and helping businesses thrive online. By maintaining transparency and leveraging AI-powered innovations, we aim to enhance the search experience for everyone. As always, we will iterate and improve based on user feedback, ensuring that search ads remain a valuable part of the Search ecosystem.