Gut Institute

Case overview

The Gut Institute, focused on gut health and wellness, aimed to enhance its online presence and drive sales. As a new player, the challenge was met with a need for a comprehensive Google Ads strategy, utilizing Search, Shopping, and Display Ads to connect with their target audience effectively in the competitive digital market.


The Brief

Partnering with The Gut Institute, our Google Ads agency implemented a data-driven campaign, featuring in-depth keyword research, optimized ad targeting, and compelling creatives across Google Search, Shopping, and Display Ads. Our continuous monitoring and adjustments ensure sustained improvement for their unique gut health solutions.


Our Approach

The Gut Institute, an innovative brand specializing in gut health and wellness, sought to kickstart their online journey and generate sales. As a newly-established company, they required a comprehensive Google Ads strategy that included Google Search, Google Shopping. and Google Display Ads to reach their target audience effectively.

As a Google Ads agency, we partnered with The Gut Institute to create a data-driven ad campaign that showcased their unique offerings and commitment to gut health solutions. Our work includes

1. In-depth keyword research to identify opportunities

2. Optimized ad targeting for maximum audience reach

3.Engaging ad creatives for Google Search, Google Shopping, and Google Display Ads

4. Continuous monitoring and adjustments for sustained improvement


The Results

Our targeted Google Ads campaign delivered remarkable results for The Gut Institute, successfully launching their brand and driving wate With an ad spend of $16,500, the campaign generated a conversion value of $85,500 and an impressive 31.97x ROAS. These meuits highlight the effectiveness of our customized approach and showcase our ex pertise in getting brands off the ground.





Conv. value


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