Twisted Dough

Case overview

Twisted Cookie Dough’s struggle with brand recognition and inefficient spending led them to Omni Media. Choosing expertise over convenience, Omni Media meticulously rebuilt their campaign with advanced targeting strategies, involving a team of skilled marketers.

The outcome surpassed expectations, propelling Twisted Cookie Dough to remarkable sales within the first month, despite a competitive market and the challenges of the global pandemic.



The Brief

Twisted Cookie Dough faced challenges with brand recognition and ineffective spending under an inexperienced marketing agency. Turning to Omni Media, a team of skilled experts, they underwent a custom campaign rebuild with advanced targeting strategies. The outcome exceeded expectations, propelling Twisted Cookie Dough to outstanding sales within a month, despite a competitive market and pandemic challenges.


Our Approach

Choosing expertise over convenience, Omni Media deployed a team of skilled marketers, researchers, and copywriters for a tailored strategy to address Twisted Cookie Dough’s challenges. Identifying the shortcomings of the existing campaign, we meticulously rebuilt it, focusing on granular targeting to maximize returns and ensure scalability. Our commitment to detail and advanced Google Ads strategies proved pivotal in catapulting Twisted Cookie Dough to exceptional sales within the first month, establishing a strong market presence despite the competitive landscape and pandemic obstacles.

Omni Media’s agile methodology, resembling startups, leverages advanced targeting for precise campaign adjustments. Constant testing and iteration ensure optimal results. In the case of Twisted Cookie Dough, specific targeting types showcased their commitment to tailored and dynamic marketing solutions.


The Results

Across 16 campaigns and many thousands of keywords, Omni Medias’ marketing efforts in Google Ads for Twisted Cookie Dough have generated more than 16 million im- pressions and 187,000 clicks, resulting in more than 7,039 conversions, with an average cost of 59 per conversion.




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