Vintage Frames

Case overview

Vintage Frames realized that Google Ads would be critical to successfully penetrating the online retail space, and the company began setting up its own ad campaigns. Without the expertise to effectively optimize the campaigns, average cost per click (CPC) reached a staggering $7, while conversions remained in the single digits.

Omni Media revolutionized Vintage Frames’ Google Ads approach with tailored strategies and a thorough audit, alleviating challenges and delivering sustainable results.


The Brief

Vintage Frames struggled with ineffective Google Ads campaigns, facing a high cost per click ($7) and minimal conversions, leading to unsustainable expenses of almost $100 per conversion.Omni Media, a responsive marketing partner, transformed the strategy with tailored approaches, leveraging the Google Ads platform and conducting a comprehensive audit. Their expertise and collaborative approach allowed Vintage Frames to shift focus to core business activities while achieving effective and sustainable results.


Our Approach

Vintage Frames tried working with several different marketing specia- lists, but none of them were the right fit for the business. These agen- cies were set on their own ways of doing things, and refused to adapt to Vintage Frame’s needs.When the company discovered Omni Media, the difference was like night and day. Not only was Omni Media highly communicative, it ac- tually listened to how Vintage Frames wanted to approach Google Ads, and tailored a strategy to align with the company’s methodology.

At first, the idea was for Omni Media to take on an advisory role and pass on the knowledge Vintage Frames would need to continue managing its own campaigns. But throughout the auditing and knowledge transfer processes, Vintage Frames was so impressed with Omni Medias’ expertise that it decided to put the agency at the helm of its marketing strategy. This way, Vintage Frames could focus on its core business and leave Google Ads to the experts.


The Results

Over the lifetime of the partnership with Omni Media, Vintage Frames has produced a significant surge in conversions and revenue. With an ad spend of $19,800, the campaign achieved 1,570 conversions and a total conversion value of $223,000. The impressive 11.26 ROAS show- cases the effectiveness of our tailored approach and our dedication to fostering growth for our clients.







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